Shami with her 1 yr old pups, Muska & Shazam

Shami with her 1 yr old pups, Muska & Shazam

Karaboudjan Anatolians is a small kennel located in sunny California.  Our dogs live with us as members of the family, and have free run of our country property where they protect our small herd of livestock.  We occasionally breed a litter of puppies, and enjoy raising them to be healthy, happy, and well-adjusted dogs. While usually busy protecting the property and livestock, the dogs do come into the house to eat and hang out with the family. It’s important that these dogs are able to be easily handled for Vet checks, baths, nail trims, etc.  With a proper introduction, all our dogs are polite and social.

As breeders we feel that the more information that a prospective purchaser can gain before actually getting the puppy, the more aware they will be of the responsibilities of owning an Anatolian Shepherd Dog puppy.

About our kennel name…I wanted a name which evoked a sense of adventure and mystery. I decided on “Karaboudjan” which was the name of a Turkish ship from the “The Adventures of Tin Tin” book by Herge’, and roughly translates to “This Dark Spirit”. This was one of my favorite books as a young child. 

We at Karaboudjan Anatolians are committed to preserving this intelligent & ancient breed. As an ASDCA Code of Ethics breeder we strive to produce dogs which are rugged, powerful and impressive; with outstanding temperament and soundness. All of our breeding dogs are certified by OFA as clear for hip & elbow dysplasia.

We are dedicated to providing appropriate placement and educational support throughout the life of your dog. Anatolians are a livestock guardian dog, a working breed…..therefore we prefer to place puppies in working homes, or with individuals who have had prior livestock guardian dog experience. These types of dogs have a strong working instinct and are not recommended for those with small yards, apartments, and/or condos.