PLEASE READ;  If  interested  please begin by filling out an application. To be  approved for the wait list for a planned or expected litter  I do  require we have a conversation via  phone or in person about the breed, and if an Anatolian Shepherd puppy is the right dog for you. If requested, you may be required to provide a good faith deposit of $500.00 for a puppy from the TO BE DETERMINED  litter, born UNKNOWN, 2020.  By paying the $500.00 deposit you agree to be bound by the terms of this Deposit Agreement. Please read the additional information below which details the terms of your $500 deposit.* Absolutely no deposits will be accepted prior to having an approved application*

While we appreciate your interest in the upcoming litter, until the litter is born and the puppies are evaluated, no determination can be made as to pet, temperament, working potential or show potential puppies. At eight weeks of age the litter will be evaluated to determine which puppy would successfully fit into which home environment. Your deposit does not guarantee a “pick” such as first pick, second pick, etc. as there may be prior deposits or obligations.  However, if we do have a puppy for you and you choose to move forward, your $500.00 deposit will be deducted from the balance.  Payment in full is expected prior to transfer of ownership.

Additionally, at this time, we are unable to determine how many puppies are in the litter and may be available at eight weeks of age. Therefore, your deposit is only for your name to be placed on the list of potential owners for the puppies and no guarantees are granted as to final availability.

If a puppy is not available to you, your  deposit will be refunded. If it is determined that there is a puppy that will fit into your circumstances and expectations and you decide at that time you do not want the puppy, the deposit is non-refundable.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to Our Anatolian Family!

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